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About Atco & Violet Passion Hub:

Violet Passion was born in 2004 and the owner was Cristi and Loredana. In 2006 Cristi can not host more the hub and Zack come to the rescue, he all ready have a hub with a name Atco, and therefore more was a merge with the two hubs, and thats how the name and the hub was born Atco & Violet Passion. From there the hub was hosted by Zack, by Timisoreanul, and on dedicated host. In 2011 the hub was closed because off lack of time of the Owner's and OPs. In May 2020 the hub was open again to the public by Timisoreanul and all the address and website are working again. Currently the hub is hosted in Spain, but you can conect from anyware, any country, any ISP, also from your mobile phone, there is NO restricion. The hub is running on Linux Ubuntu and the software is verlihub, they are very stable. Atco& Violet Passion Hub has 2 connection of internet, Digi and PTV, 2 identical PCs each one connected to different internet. Our objective is to maintain the hub and the website for a long time. We will like to thank you our old users and new users for spending time with us and we hope enjoy it. Also thank you our team of Owner's, OP's, Vip's. This website will never have ads!

Rules for users:

1. We NOT allow swearing or disrespect to users or OPs.
2. Don't share illegal content, you are responsible for your share!
3. Don't write with caps lock on [CAPS] in the mainchat.
4. Don't limit your speed and don't make fake share.
5. Don't disconnect user from download from you.
6. Don't make advertise on other hub or website.
7. Don't make flood or spam on the hub.
8. Report to the OPs or Owner if there is a problem with a user.
9. Report to the Owner if there is a problem with a OP.
10. Use a decent nickname.

Rules for OPs:

1. To help all users.
2. Don't force use of kick or ban-ul or other functions without a good reason.
3. Use a decent language to help users, in any case!
4. To specific the motive of the kick or the ban.

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